- Bamboo blinds -

(真っ黒 makkuro, deep-black = 真っ白 masshiro, pure-white)

My studio resembling a hut built of bamboo

is unsightly situated at the forsaken fringe of 21st century's cross-global conurbation.

Behind its sliding doors a let down sudare (a Japanese brushwood blind) de-fines space and time. 

Layers of shadow,

layers of light

pile up into the emptiness at the bottom of the six rushy mats my heart is consisting of.


I had been intending to understand the idea of "Far East" metaphorically.

I had started to read the Chinese characters 日本 connoting Japan (Nihon

as an archetypal picture.

Beneath the geographical, I want to discover mental islands of beauty,

where the "tree of the sun" () would take its "roots" (). 


The shadowy gravity compressed my ego-self to darkness.

In a way transpersonal black solidified as a momentum of balance, and, overturn. 

My artistic style should probably be a kind of weir between the volumes of light.

With this "weir" as my prism it might be possible to salvage a rainbow of future.

I want to be my studio a little shrine of colours. 


My notion to arts is existential.

My experiment of painting is, in the last analysis, an experiment to picture 

the foliage of the mythical tree of life.

The brilliance of the sun () far up in the verdict of heavens should take roots (

in the soil of night self-transcending into an earthly realm of eternity. 


My artistic work is structured as a circular architecture of arcades.

Its perspectives, its thresholds of passage 

centre within a small unpretending Japanese wisteria.

Overcome, the projections "far-away" and "east"

transfigure into an immediate experience of undistorted origin and, thereby, of re-created reality.

The past, the early stages of my endeavours add to the structure with unmitigated actuality

gaining and unfolding sublime semantics in answering the riddle of 

the uni-versal space "here" i. e. the uni-versal time "now".

Please enjoy, just strolling about in a serene mood, my humble gallery,

which, for myself, is re-presenting an enclosed garden of paradise.



(Karin Fröhlich)


- Guardians of heaven - 


(حرم   oder pl.  أحرام     —    a place / places to which unauthorized persons do not have access)




( ka: "fruit", "fruits"; rin: "grove")




- In between -



- Modes of crossing -


網代木 ajiro-gi

- Netting poles -


- Line of demarcation -



- Layers -



- Nuclear disaster -



- Nets -



- Mount Fuji -


- Draught of immortality -


"das kleine atelier" 

- Children’s studio -



- Coloured notation -




(The space "here" i. e. the time "now")