Athena - spirals and dots 


Japanische Tusche auf Reispaier, 56 Einzelblätter à 26 x 36 cm

Gouache auf Aquarellpapier, 56 Einzelblätter à 18 x 26 cm

work in progress 20.02.2019


The Greek called fungi mýkēs. Their kingdom and their mycelium are related to the netherworld. 

 In my own work this sinister aspect is represented by a sequence of spirals centring at the very throne of mould-covered raping Hades. All formerly felt directions of space, and time, are going to collapse. Contrary, at the same time, the light part deals with the consequences of this existential encounter. What appears to be an oscillating cluster of dots, is actually an attempt to gain equilibrium between the end and the beginning of life, between black-hole depth and climax. A primeval sound and vision of colours is forming a cornucopia, i. e. a horn of plenty tending to embrace the future of a world of arts overcoming the profane misconception of male and female.


Februar 2019, Karin Fröhlich